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Timothy Lee, LCSW, CSAT-S Clinical Director - 333 East 41st Street, NYC 

"If I could give Ronan more than five stars, I would. I live in a prewar apartment with thin floors. The noise from upstairs in my home office WAS insanely loud.
Ronan came in and gave me an estimate. I shopped around and he was not the cheapest guy.... but I trusted my instincts that he knew what he was doing. He came in on budget and on schedule. He left the space better than when he came in.
I was worried about my built in bookshelves and he was able to reconfigure them perfectly. Also, there was not a spec of dust.... he protected everything. All of my issues with upstairs noises have been resolved.
Something else of note.... Ronan met with some challenging issues from my Building. He dealt with them like a true gentleman and saint. He is truly steady as he goes kind of guy. Rare. I would without a doubt recommend him.

If you need help creating a quiet space where you can live and sleep in peace and tranquility, Quiet Zone can certainly help you.


We are vastly experienced at solving airborne and structure-borne noise problems in residences including


  • Apartments

  • Brownstones

  • Condos

  • Houses

  • Townhouses


Airborne noise from a neighbor above, below or to the side, such as television, music and conversation is normally best addressed by installing a soundproofing wall, a soundproofing ceiling or a soundproofing floor with a STC (sound transmission class) rating that is high enough to achieve the desired noise reduction result. We can design and install the appropriate solution.


Structure-borne noise complaints that we receive are mostly associated with sounds that are being generated from an apartment above. This problem can be addressed by the installation of an IIC (Impact Insulation Class) rated floor soundproofing solution where the noise is being generated, or an IIC (Impact Insulation Class) rated ceiling soundproofing solution where the noise is being heard.


Footfall, the sound of footsteps and stomping that can be heard when someone is walking around, the noise of kids running around, chairs being inconsiderately moved and items being dropped on the floor are the most common issues. In these cases, if treating the problem from the space above where the noise is being generated, an IIC (impact insulation class) rated soundproofing floor will be the solution. If treating the problem from above is not possible, a soundproofing ceiling must be installed. 

We offer a fully isolated room within a room option for more severe problems where noise may be polluting your residence from above, below and to the sides.


Mechanical rooms, otherwise known as boiler rooms, are another source of noise pollution in residential buildings. Air handlers, boilers, chillers, pipes, water pumps and HVAC equipment are usually located in the mechanical room and create noise that can travel throughout several floors. Sound isolation methods to reduce the disturbing noise emanating from these rooms are floating ceilings, floating walls and floating floors.

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