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Quiet Zones acoustic consultants are vastly experienced in solving residential noise problems, sound surveys, noise code compliance testing, sound level measurements, noise recordings and acoustical consulting.

For over 25 years, Quiet Zone has been offering quiet consulting services throughout New York City's five boroughs, Westchester County, Long Island, Connecticut and New Jersey.


Our consulting services include:

  • Acoustic Consulting

  • Acoustic Testing

  • Neighbor Noise Consulting

  • Noise Code Compliance Testing

  • Noise Control Consulting

  • Noise Inspections for Home Buyers

  • Noise Recordings

  • Sound Level Measurements

  • Sound Surveys

  • Troubleshooting

  • Vibration Isolation Consulting

We work with apartment, condominium and home owners, building management companies, architects, designers, developers, contractors, estate managers and house managers.

At Quiet Zone, we take the time to listen to you to ensure that we have a complete understanding of your problem before proposing a solution.

We work meticulously to ensure that our noise mitigation recommendations are effective and implementable in the real world.

We use the most up to date and precisely calibrated sound level meters, vibration meters and acoustic testing equipment.

Please contact us to find out how we can solve your noise or vibration problem.


Anne Flynn, Greenwich, CT 06830

“I had an amazing experience working with Ronan on my co-op at the height of the pandemic.
He corrected my original contractors work and I am so happy living here now.
Amazing communicator and an EXPERT in his craft.
Ronans an honorable guy and I would highly recommend him."
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