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Quiet Zone have extensive knowledge in soundproofing offices where confidentially is of paramount importance. Noise leaking from private offices is a major concern for therapists, human resource departments, and business executives discussing privileged information. The partition wall may be inadequate, the ceiling could be the problem or there may be gaps that need to be addressed. This is where our expertise is extremely beneficial in pinpointing and rectifying the source of the leak enabling you to not have to worry about the occupant of the adjacent room listening in on your private conversations with your patient or coworker.  

Reverberations and echoes in private offices, churches, conference rooms, gymnasiums, open plan offices and many more settings is another serious issue that can increase stress and distraction, reduce learning and productivity and lead to hypertension and permanent hearing loss. Hard surfaces such as drywall, glass and concrete create a situation where noise bounces around the room causing terrible acoustics. Treating a room with acoustic panels, acoustic ceiling coverings and acoustic wall coverings can drastically reduce the reverberation time creating a more comfortable environment for having a conference call, holding a meeting or just getting to work more productively in a peaceful and quiet setting.



Quiet Zone Soundproofing just completed a soundproofing job in four offices that we have in our office suite. Prior to the work being done anytime there was talking going on in the offices the conversations could be heard throughout our office space. Now that we have the soundproofing completed there is a world of difference. Confidential meetings can be held protecting everyones privacy. The results exceeded our expectations.

The team did excellent work, quickly and efficiently. They talked us through every stage and worked closely with our building management team. They minimized the noise and debris that naturally is involved in a project like this. After they cleaned up, we were better than when they started. I would recommend Quiet Zone, Ronan and his team without reservation. They were extremely professional, offered many options and delivered what was promised and more.

Mary Ann Melendez


200 White Plains Road

Tarrytown, NY 10591


Quiet Zone did fantastic work on our complicated soundproofing project in New York City that required soundproofing walls and soundproofing floors. You really helped us solve some big problems, worked with great speed around our crazy schedule, and were very professional. I especially appreciated your clear and upfront communication about the project from start to finish. No NYC job as large and complex as this is without it's bumps in the road, but you were there anticipating possible issues and having solutions ready when necessary. I'd definitely recommend Quiet Zone to anyone looking for a reputable soundproofing company. Thank you for the excellent work.

Ed Herbstman

Owner, Magnet Theater

254 West 29th Street, New York, NY 10001