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Missy Fogarty, LCAT - 303 5th Ave., New York, NY 10016

"With the investment soundproofing requires, and wanting to have the space look nice and appealing to clients (the final result is beautiful), of course you want the job done right.
Quiet Zone did that and then some. They were fantastic. They took care of everything the job required, from the soundproofing, the painting, electrical work and being on hand to make sure Verizon did their job right, too.
Ronan was gracious, straightforward and completely professional. The job was completed on time (early in fact) and within budget. Ronan was available to answer any questions, he was detail-orientated and meticulous. I really appreciated not having to worry about how it was all going to go, and Ronan's manner put me at ease from the get-go.
He went out of his way, too, without me even having to ask, to fix a detail that I could have lived with (I did mention it, but I didn't think he could do anything about it). He had to try a couple of different things before it was perfect, and he did fix it, and fast. I trust I will be in a space that I'm happy to work in for years, and not have to worry anyone will be disturbed.
I recommend Ronan and Quiet Zone unequivocally!”



If you need help soundproofing your walls to create a quiet, peaceful and private space where you live or work, we can help.

For 25 years, Quiet Zone have been designing and installing soundproofing walls in residential, commercial and industrial buildings in New York City's five boroughs, Westchester County, New Jersey and Connecticut.

If you can not take anymore of hearing your neighbors television blaring, music blasting, alarm clock going off, talking or shouting, baby crying or screaming, playing video or computer games, dog barking or parrot squawking, our soundproofing walls are for you.


Our soundproofing walls have been successfully solving airborne noise problems in luxury residences including apartments, brownstones, condos, co-ops, duplexes, lofts, penthouses, studios and townhouses since 1998.


Our commercial soundproofing division has over 100 years combined experience in designing and building sound proofing walls. If you are an architect or designer in the planning phase, or if you have a space where the walls are already built, we can provide you with the best options that fit your needs.

Quiet Zone are experts at coming up with creative solutions for existing walls in spaces such as offices where privacy is of great importance. We know exactly what to look for and we find ways that will give you the greatest amount of noise reduction with the least amount of inconvenience to you and your business.

If you are looking for help creating a space to conduct confidential business in your doctors, executive, finance, law or psychotherapy office, please contact us.

We provide our wall soundproofing services to churches, factories, gymnasiums, hospitals, libraries, museums, music rooms, residences, restaurants, retail stores, schools, shopping centers, synagogues and warehouses. 

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