Quiet Zone provides expert soundproofing consultations. We have the expertise and the tools to get the project done right the first time. We utilize acoustic software that takes away the guessing and enables us to let our clients know how the soundproofing will actually perform before proceeding with the construction or installation of a solution. We can provide the STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating of a wall or a ceiling, and we can provide the IIC (Impact Insulation Class) rating of a floor. We can custom design a wall, ceiling or a floor to meet certain noise reduction specifications. We are your perfect partner for a project as intricate as constructing an apartment inside an apartment, fully isolated form the buildings floor, walls and ceiling ,to something as simple as installing a soundproofing wall and everything in between.

We are quite comfortable providing consulting only for a project. If you already have an installation contractor, Quiet Zone can provide project management, material installation guidance and inspection services at critical junctures of the installation to ensure that the installation specifications are being strictly adhered to.